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Welcome to the 2015 Pawling Little League Registration Site 


Who Can Play:

  • Baseball is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 18* years old as of April 30th, 2015.

Junior, Senior and Intermediate Division League Teams require a minimum number of players to sign-up

  • Softball is open to girls ages 7-18 years old as of Dec 31st, 2014.

Girls that don't meet this new age criteria can still participate in TBall based on the April 30, 2014 age date and gain valuable skills for next year.

* Note 6 year old girls may be considered to play Farm level Softball. (Junior & Senior Division League Teams require a minimum number of players to sign-up




In an effort to keep costs down and streamline our program, we have migrated to this ON-LINE Registration system. ALL Registrations for the 2015 Season must be done via this website. You have two options regarding when to Register:

  1. You can access the Registration System via the internet 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, beginning on December 15th, 2014 thru March 1st  2015 for League Baseball, Softball & T-Ball. You will be able to register after March 1st  but a late fee will be charged.  See below for more details regarding Late Registration 
  2. The registration system will be open for Challenger Crew TBD.

Late Registration Policy:

Please be aware that late registrations will be accepted after March 1st 
HOWEVER, all registrations received after this date are subject to a $30'Late Fee' per child and the child will be placed on a waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.  The availability of a roster spot on a team is not guaranteed and is based on the availability of open positions on existing teams and/or the creation of an additional team.  Registration Fees will be refunded to all late registrants not placed on a team, however 'Late Fees' will NOT be refunded.

Divisions / Fee Schedule: 

Division                Age Group     

T-Ball                                   4 to 6 year olds          $70.00

Baseball/Softball Farm      7 to 8 year olds          $115.00 

Baseball/Softball Minor     9 to 10 year olds        $115.00

Baseball/Softball Major     11 to 12 year olds      $115.00

Intermediate Baseball        12 to 13 year olds      $125.00 

Baseball/Softball Junior     13 to 14 year olds      $125.00 

WPBA  Travel Baseball         9 to 18 year olds      $205.00


 * After the first child a multiple child discount of $35 is under review (except T-Ball).


*Playing Up Rule*:

At this point Pawligng Little League will not have players moving up. Players will be placed at age appropiate divisions. 


Division and Team Placement Requests: 

Division Placement Requests: Normally children are placed in designated Divisions based on age. However, due to the change in date used to calculate a players 'Little League age', some players may be in a Division for 3 years. If you feel that your child should move up into a different Division than the one based on their age, please let us know by selecting YES when asked this question at the time of your child's registration. Please Note: It is the PLL Board's recommendation that children remain in their 'age appropriate' Divisions.  The child's overall baseball / softball skills will be evaluated by an independent evaluator and a final determination will be made by the PLL Board. The decision of the PLL Board is final.**


Team Placement Requests: Requests for placement with certain Coaches or players will be considered, but not guaranteed at the T-Ball and Baseball/Softball Farm Divisions. Unfortunately, no such requests can or will be considered at the Baseball / Softball Minor, Major, or Junior Divisions. These older Divisions have a formal 'Draft' where players are chosen/placed on teams based on skill and ability in an effort to keep all teams competitive with each other. ** Exception - Siblings in the same Divisions will automatically be placed on the same Team unless otherwise requested. **



Detailed Registration Instructions:

To Register your child to Play or sign-up as a Volunteer (Coach, Field Maintenance, Fund Raising, etc.), please take a moment and click on the LOGIN Button at the top right hand side of this screen and follow the directions provided. If you have any questions/problems, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone using the contact information provided on the left side of this screen. * Note: A new account MUST be created even if you have an existing account for the Pawling Soccer Club. The same ID/Password combination can be used if desired ** Once the new account is created, login following the instructions. After logging in, you will need to ADD each individual child into the system. Once all your children have been added, click on the blue REGISTER button next to each name to sign them up. Any Parent/Guardian wishing to be considered as a Coach (or Assistant), must also Register (as an adult) by clicking the ADD ADULTS link. The person creating the account will automatically appear.  At this point, just click on the REGISTER button next to your name. If it's a spouse/partner, you'll need to ADD them into the system, and then click on the REGISTER button by the correct name. To finalize/process all registrations, you MUST click on CHECK-OUT Link.  E-Mail confirmation will be sent indicating that Registration is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO CHARGE to register as a Coach or Assistant Coach.


Any questions? Email us at:



Pawling Little League
P.O. Box 684
Pawling, NY  12564